Urban Chic Boho Beauty Classic Connoisseur The Sports Fan The Trendsetter The Professional

What’s Your Style?

Urban Chic
You like to push the stylish envelope and create a look that’s all your own. Your fashion know-how is up-to-date and always on trend.

What’s Your Style?

Boho Beauty
The ultimate free spirit. Your sense of style radiates a laidback approach that many covet and few can successfully pull off. Flowy ensembles and printed patterns remain your go-to looks.

What’s Your Style?

Classic Connoisseur
For the woman who appreciates a traditional sense of style. From boots to bags to head-to-toe chic, timeless classics are your staple.

What’s Your Style?

The Sports Fan
The guy’s guy who stays in-the-know on the latest sporting events and outdoor activities. A true adventure seeker inside and out whose style is reflective of his on-the-go personality.

What’s Your Style?

The Trendsetter
The fellow who ups the ante on stylish finds and seeks out unique and inspirational fashion do’s. The one who always takes chances and isn’t afraid to try something new.

What’s Your Style?

The Professional
The dapper man with work on the brain and a classic look to boot. Shoes, accessories, and head-to-toe professional perfection are the look de jure.
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